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The Irish Terrier is a medium size dog. The males normally weigh between 28 and 32 lbs and stand between 19 and 19 1/2 inches at the shoulder. The females are between 25 and 30 lbs and stand between 17 3/4 and 18 1/4 inches at the shoulder.

The Irish is a moderate dog in body length, longer in body than taller in height. The length comes from the ribs not the loin. The shoulders should be well laid back with the neck merging into the shoulders and back. The coat should be dense and wiry and hug the body. It is hard to the touch and repels both rain and dirt.

While the Irish is of sound mind and body, the true beauty of the breed is in it's personality. They are the true protector and play mates of children. They will endure all their children care to dish out without a flinch. The Irish truly belong to the little people. They are of good nature with all they come in contact with except for other dogs of the same sex.

 The most common problem for new owner is to teach the animal what is expected. "No, Virgina, puppies don't come trained." An Irish Terrier that is not taught right from wrong will be impossible to live with. If allowed, he will take over the house and terrorize any and all he comes in contact with. He has to be taught. You will find him to be a willing student and quick to learn once you get his attention. Find a good puppy training class.

In choosing a puppy, it is important to find a breeder who you are comfortable with. The breeder should be willing to show you his adult animals and their living conditions. He should also be willing to spend time explaining Irish Terrier temperament, grooming and training needs.

Puppies are cute. You should not buy on impulse. If the breeder is not open in answering questions, don't buy the puppy. If the living conditions are not clean, don't buy the puppy. If the puppy is not friendly or outgoing or is not clean and bright eyed, don't buy the puppy. It is definitely a buyer beware world. Remember, you are acquiring, a family member and committing to its care for the next twelve to sixteen years.

 The Irish Club of America maintains a current list of breeders in all parts of the country and can be used as a source in locating a quality puppy or adult animal. The puppy referral coordinator for the Irish Terrier Club of America is Jane DiPetro who can be reached at (281) 554-6778 or